By His Wounds


10 Part Series:
Part 1 – Healing: Physical or Spiritual?
Part 2 – The Origin of Sickness and Disease
Part 3 – A Work of the Devil
Part 4 – Punishment
Part 5 – Open Your Mouth!
Part 6 – Christ, Our Passover
Part 7 – Discerning the Lord’s Body
Part 8 – The Cleansing of the Leper
Part 9 – Atonement
Part 10 – Focusing On Healing


By his cuts and bruises you are healed. [1 Peter 2:24 CEV]
Sickness is an ever-present enemy in our world. It seems that just as medical science discovers a cure for one disease, it finds other diseases more deadly than the first. But thank God that from the foundation of the world, He planned our redemption to include not only forgiveness of sins, but also healing from every sickness and disease. The blood of Jesus’ sacrifice guarantees that you can possess the strong, healthy body that brings you a full life and gives God glory.