Keys to Divine Health


8-part series

1- The Word of God

2- The Word of God, part 2

3- The Faith of God

4- The Love of God

5- The Will of God

6- The Life of God

7- The Spirit of God

8- The Power of God


The Bible tells us that the life of God can manifest in our mortal bodies (2 Corinthians 4:11). We are able to enjoy the same quality of life that God Himself enjoys. Much of that life is spiritual, of course, but we can also experience the life of God in our physical bodies. We call that kind of life “divine health”. God wants to heal us if we are sick, but He is just as interested in seeing us remain well, living strong and living long. Divine health can be a reality, but only if we understand how to cooperate with God. The Word of God identifies certain areas of participation – keys – that allow us to partake of divine life. Discover these keys and enjoy the results. Divine health belongs to you.