Why Is There Wilderness in My Promised Land?


8-part series
Part 1 – The Good Life is for Me
Part 2 – A Good Life In A Good Land
Part 3 – Doubt Keeps You Out
Part 4 – Led Into The Wilderness
Part 5 – Pick The Right Answer
Part 6 – Is This A Test Or An Attack?
Part 7 – Stuck In The Wilderness
Part 8 – Faith’s Final Exam


God’s best is on the other side of your test.

As Christians, we preach about and desire God’s best, but we must understand that the road to His best always includes sections of wilderness. Though distasteful to many, the wilderness must not be avoided. Tests and trials in our life are present, not to defeat us, but to qualify us for promotion. When you are looking for your promised land and instead find wilderness, get excited – God’s best is on the other side of your test!