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How to Find the Right Church


We believe the local church is the most important place on Earth for the believer. Which church you attend, however, is a matter of great importance. A newborn baby could not survive or thrive without a good home and loving parents; neither can the Christian survive or thrive without a good local church and pastor. Here’s some guidelines to help you find the right church.

  1. Pray and ask God to lead you to the right place
  2. Realize that He already has a good church picked out for you. Because we live in a world where we’re accustomed to making lots of choices, it can be tempting to make our own decision where to go, instead of discovering God’s plan for our lives.
  3. Be willing to go anywhere God leads you, even if it doesn’t initially look like what you had in mind.
  4. Once you are sure you’re in the right place, there’s no need to look further. Don’t fall into the trap of “church-hopping” or you’ll end up confused, and will miss some of what God has for you.
  5. Don’t make the mistake of looking for the “perfect” church. As someone has said, “The only perfect church is the church with no people.” Even the pastor, though gifted to lead and teach, is still human and can make mistakes from time to time.
  6. Look for a place that places a high degree of emphasis on the Word of God (the Bible). If you don’t ever need a Bible in the church you’re visiting, be assured that’s not the church for you!
  7. Look for a place where people worship freely and the Holy Spirit’s work is recognized and welcomed.
  8. Look for a place where the people are warm and loving and you are made to feel welcome.

Most of all, when you’re in the place God has for you, it will seem like “home”. Now, get involved and be as supportive as you can. Adapt to your church and pastor, don’t make them adapt to you. Endeavor to be a blessing, and God’s richest blessings will be yours!

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